Not that long ago, you might choose any store around and purchase those wood ‘strike everywhere’ kitchen area fits.

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Not that long ago, you might choose any store around and purchase those wood ‘strike everywhere’ kitchen area fits.

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Not that long ago, you might choose any store around and purchase those wood ‘strike everywhere’ kitchen area fits.

Maybe not just one shop is apparently holding them today and clerks merely give myself a blank stare and do not know very well what we speaking about.

I am aware Scary Gary got encouraging their follows to stockpile all of them a bit straight back but I really don’t wanted (nore posses space to store) a $40 instance of those – i merely need a few containers.

So what’s the scoop here? Was other people creating difficulting discovering these?


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Arnie, these are typically illegal in several (not totally all) claims. Too fantastic a prospective for mischief.

Illegal? Definitely you jest? When? In Which? Just What!?

What kind of thought so is this predicated on?

They’ll promote myself a totally automatic, big mag fit (i.e. a Bic light) nonetheless they will not offer myself a ‘strike anywhere’ match? Personally I think like I’ve been asleep for twenty years..

We as well have-been vainly trying to find these little jewels. Along with y2k, I camp & backpack alot, and having to tote the «hit on container» fits try a royal serious pain, because you need certainly to both grab the whole box, or cut out the «strike» part of the package and bring that. We haven’t heard of «strike-anywhere» held in grocery stores in my own place for around 2 months. I am today tinkering with alternate portable surfaces which will ignite the «protection» cooking area fits. No luck thus far, merely a lot of squandered fits. I shall publish if I discover something that really works. Any tips?

Arnie, i came across all of them at practical & last (real tiny form of Costco) in San Jose.

A 3 field package with 250 fits in each package for $2.39. HTH, Rich

The reason why you need to make use of the side of the field on those safety suits is the fact that there can be a substance thereon role that has to be combined with fit to cause it to ignite. That isn’t simply a rough surface from the field part. Strike-anywhere suits have that small added tip on all sugardaddyforme member login of them that may ignite from simply rubbing. Anyway, it is advisable to register which includes shopping and angling stores, pole and weapon shop. I’ve heard that some of them would bring those matches. It appears the issue is among hauling them from manufacturer to the sites. They’ve been indexed as «hazardous information» now (thank the us government for that) and shippers put countless limits to them. However, ammunition can also be purely influenced in shipping, very possibly the manufacturing plant can merge their particular matches with these types of different hazardous content deliveries to gun shops.

The short wood in a box type will strike on the hiney if you find yourself sporting tight-fitting jeans. (I watched the young men do it yesterday when they were setting off the barbecue)

Some years ago a fellow where we worked discussed their developing up in sc. He mentioned he and his awesome contacts would complete a quick 1″ pipe with matchheads, close both ends with erect nipples, fasten the pipeline on slightly wooden raft, take it to a fishing lake they realized about, drift the raft and allow the wind take it out from shore somewhat. Chances are they’d sit in the forests and capture at they with 22 cal. rifles. Eventually anyone would strike the pipeline, the complement heads would ignite, the pipeline gone increase, and additionally they’d venture out to collect the stunned fish.

Arnie, I’ve observed the same thing around here. My hubby has-been capable of finding some at a local grocery chain Crest’s in MWC,OK. I’ve ordered the thing I planning happened to be «strike-anywhere» but did not pay near sufficient interest so when i arrived home and looked over all of them considerably closely, these were the «strike on package» kind. Since that time, i am checking the suits on the match-charcoal-fluid,etc. aisles at supermarkets and realize that they have been strike throughout the package type. Will always check which type Walmart supercenter has actually the next occasion I’m around.

We suspected that white tip-on the strike-anywhere fits happened to be a phosphorus substance, but i did not desire to wreak havoc on that kind of things without any help. Thanks for the data. We’ll hold looking. Arnie, maintain your matches dried out!

The grocery store I usually check-out has not got them the very last two times I happened to be truth be told there, however they perform will often have these matches. The brand they bring claims «Ohio Blue Idea Matches – strike-anywhere kitchen area fits» about package.

I have no issue finding all of them here in Cleveburgh.

«they truly are noted as «hazardous content» now (thank the federal government regarding) and shippers set a lot of restrictions in it.

Oh which is rich. Similar federal government that boats the anthrax virus via government present (with no warnings or managing safety measures connected) treats fits with higher extreme caution. I am serious. Got that firsthand yesterday from people with use of Federal present delivery information. Oh well, that’s our very own national for ya. Penny brilliant and pound foolish.

The number of ya want and exactly how much are ya happy to pay? We have a lot around right here.

No mystery. Liability attorneys ‘strike’ once more.

Check, put aside a few containers of them. At 250 suits each they are going to endure ages if you’re cautious. Next go out and buy some handfuls of butane lighters. You now have flame for life.

Ohio Blue Tip and Diamond «strike on package» suits are available in grocery stores down within Georgia. These include strike-anywhere suits, even though it does not say so on field.

Just one single a lot more opinion about the strike-anywhere, Kansas Blue secrets. Whenever Gary North posted that object about all of them, in the past, I called the company using the numer GN had given. Have a proper good woman there exactly who mentioned they certainly were creating genuine issues with finding shippers for their product. Obviously, some shippers will go them, additional wont, or some put a lot of constraints and further charges on it your Kansas business don’t make use of them. She stated they certainly were taking care of attempting to solve the challenge. Thus I envision you’ll see all of them in a few avenues, however people, according to which trucker are will to carry them to the location that he is producing works to. Simple as that. A superb goods, been around for a long time, but has now work afoul of protection laws if they would you like to go the product across condition contours.

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